About Paul Angel

Titles I have held or are holding since the age of 18:

1. Theatre Major at ASU (Dropout)

2. United States Marine (Once and Always)

3. Triathlete and Adventure Racer (Former, really former)

4. GM of a Labor Center (Former)

5. Professional Poker Player (Former)

6. Salesman (Former)

7. Husband (Current)

8. Website Designer, Graphic Designer (Current kind of)

9. Copywriter (Current Kind of)

10. Creative Director (Current kind of)

11. Sales Manager (Former)

12. Founder (Current and Former)

13. Baseball Coach (Former)

14. Father (Current)

15. Father the Sequel (Current)

16. Former Founder (Current)

17. Professional Poker Player Again (Former)

18. Father Thrice (Current)

19. Salesman (ABC)

20. Sales Manager (See Hunting Dog Story)

21. Business Owner (Current)

22. ***** ** *** ********** (Redacted)

23. Business Owner (Former)

24. Developer (Meh…)

25. Crazy Sports Parent (Dormant)

26. Founder (Current)

27. Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer Coach (Former)

28. Creative Director and Digital Strategist (Current)

29. Business Consultant (It pays the bills)

30. Downsizer (I have Nightmares)

31. Covid almost got me, Guy (I have Nightmares)

32. Backer and Co-Founder (Let’s See Where This Goes)